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Sculpture IS

Jeff's Thoughts - Sculpture IS
June 23, 2005

Now that the show has been going for three weeks I thought I'd take a moment and share my reflections from the perspective of a garden maker and property owner.

So many words come to mind: first the easy ones like fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, and awesome. Those are more the words from the head. The ones that come from further within ring with the sounds of creative energy and spirit, community, freedom of expression, playfulness, seriousness, commitment, discipline, determination and maybe most important, artistry.

Also what comes to mind (from at least at this point in time), the not-too winding path from heart (as this show helps to make the heart-to-head path more direct) is vision and follow-through. It's been said that the key to all good intentional movement (like in athletic movement for one) is follow-through, and maybe other than athletes or dancers, artists know that good follow-through will result in good performance and good work.

It really shows in the work in this show. The quality in the sculptures is incredible (another adjective to join the ranks!) and the beautiful follow-through of the artist's hands appear in every piece. All the incredible athletic moves one sees when viewing a vast and varied sporting event like the Olympics, shows up equally as well expressed as artistic moves in the showing of these vast and varied sculptures.

Even though they may appear stationary, they really are alive and moving, as they still contain and express the movement of their creators. The artists have not attained an exciting point, superior time, or a resounding act as an example of a great movement expressed and fulfilling memories made, but rather have created lasting visual beauty to show us they can move with finesse and efficiency not limited to athletes and performers.

The garden is more alive and more moving because of these sculptures and because the artist's expressions are moving within the garden, they are moving within our minds. Two months of showing will create many individual and collective moments of movement, and for those who choose to come—or to come again— the artistic moves you will see will rival anything seen on the performance stage, movie screen, or playing field.

Thanks so much to all the artists, supporters and sponsor of the PVAC and the show, to Carol Trengove, the gallery director, and especially to Mary Warshaw and Judy Stabile, co-curators of the show(s), whose expression of artistic movement has created a team of talented artists that moving together within the garden are 'winning' our hearts and minds.

Jeff Rosendale
Sierra Azul - June 23, 2006

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