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Fall Planting Sale Continues!

We have brought over 800 plants from our growing grounds for our annual fall planting sale. Over 100 varieties, including succulents, grasses, perennials, shrubs, natives, shade plants and more.

Fall Plant Sale

1-gallon size $3.99-$4.99 (regularly $7.49-$9.99)
5-gallon size $10.99-$14.99 (regularly $23.99-$32.99)
While supplies last!

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Salvias for Autumn color…and we mean FLOWERS!

Salvia Sale

You can't beat the ever-colorful Southwest and Mexican type of salvias and their hybrids for autumn color and bee and hummingbird activity. Many stay compact and will bloom past Thanksgiving if the weather is mild. Just cut them back well after they are done blooming—then wait for the show again next year. They are deer- and drought-tolerant as well. (Mention this newsletter and receive a 10% discount during the month of November.)

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Handsome and tough Euphorbias on sale 10% off

Euphorbias on sale

Euphorbias for the most part are native to the Mediterranean sea region of the globe, and are well adapted to dry summers with rugged textures and interesting leaf and flower colors including their good deer resistance. They look great with succulents and combine well with native sages and manzanitas. On sale now at a 10% discount.

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Water-Wise Landscaping also known as Xeriscape

Xeriscape yard (Formerly a lawn…)

Convert Your Lawn into a Water-Conserving Garden

We can help you convert your lawn or other area, create lasting beauty, and save from past or existing water use.

Water-wise gardening and landscaping are key components in the goal of greater water conservation. At Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens, we have been growing and selling native and Mediterranean climate plants, as well as designing and consulting on water-wise gardens and lawn-to-plants conversions for the last 20 years. Owner Jeff Rosendale started with this effort almost 40 years ago during the historic drought of 1975-76.

We have calculated the significant water savings that can be realized by converting a 30'x30' sprinkler irrigated lawn/turf area to an attractive xeriscape planting on drip irrigation. A normal twice-weekly watering of this size lawn would use approximately 700 gallons/ week. Converting this total lawn area to a native/ mediterranean and succulent plant garden and planting approximately 50 plants irrigated by 1 gallon per hour drip emitters would result in the new water use of approximately 50-60 gallons/week. This is a significant 650 gallons/week savings or a reduction in usage by 90%. This 650 gallon savings is the equivalent to saving 160 gallons/week or 23 gallons/day per person for a family of four. This is the weekly equivalent of 30 showers or 300 toilet flushes.

We believe this kind of landscape conversion will practically satisfy projected water district conservation goals for many current lawn-oriented customers.

Understanding that the above example is not a "one size fits all" solution, it does clearly demonstrate the potential for real-time water conservation by the conversion of lawn to xeriscape.

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Garden Design and
Consultation Services at Sierra Azul

Garden Design Services

Sierra Azul owner Jeff Rosendale has been designing gardens and landscapes since 1974 and can work with you in various ways to help design and implement small or larger scale gardens and landscapes.

We are associated with reliable gardeners ($30/hr.) who can help with plantings and other work as needed, as well as landscape contractors for bigger jobs and hardscapes. Our design and consultation rate is $85/hr. We will be happy to work with you on any level to make your existing or new garden a beautiful place to be.

Water-Wise Garden Landscape Consultation & Design
Call us: 831-728-2532 or email: jeff@sierraazul.com
$150 basic consultation (includes 15% plants discount)

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This mixture of seven red and hard fescues is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional turf-grass. It needs less mowing and less water, and can be kept unmowed for a natural, pastoral look. It is drought-tolerant and grows in full sun to shade. It can be planted year-round in the Bay Area and Central Coast, and once established needs watering only every two weeks. Simple and informative seeding instructions included. Great for garden paths and open seating areas. 5-pound bags cover 1000 sq. ft. and are $39.95.

In the Media


MAY: Artists prepare exhibit at Sierra Azul Nursery in the Register-Pajaronian (with photographs)

The San Francisco Chronicle features Sierra Azul in their article about "Parks and Beaches in Santa Cruz County." Bring a picnic!

JULY: An article in Pacific Horticulture, written by Jeff Rosendale, explores the incredible gardens at Laguna Ranch, situated on 400 acres, north of Santa Cruz on the Pacific Coast.

FEBRUARY: Here's a piece with great photographs and details about our operations at Bamboo, Succulents, and More. Thank you, Gerhard!

DECEMBER: Read a detailed article about our business—practices, the grounds, our history—here at the Town Mouse and Country Mouse blog: "A Trip to Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens."

Thanks for visiting, Country Mouse!

Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens specializes in plants and gardens for California's Mediterranean climate. Our goal is to promote the aesthetic use of Mediterranean climate adapted plants in water-conserving gardens and landscapes. This includes fruit trees and plants for shade gardens. (Check out our article on "Drought Tolerant Plant Families.")

Sierra Azul Nursery is a retail plant nursery specializing in Mediterranean plants from around the world. Our nursery includes two acres of demonstration gardens featuring mature plants in a garden setting, accented by sculptures from local artists. Be sure to check out our special sales, and the art workshops and events we host.

Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens holds a vision of the garden as a place to link with the natural world and its many wonderful contrasting elements. We hope to share our vision with you. Come visit the rich, aesthetic, physical world of Sierra Azul Gardens.

Group tours of the Sierra Azul Gardens are available upon request. Garden clubs are welcome! Contact us by email or phone.

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